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You have worked hard to build your business, and you should know the value of your hard work in the present and for the future. Whether you want to acquire a business, plan for succession or sell your company, valuation is critical to informing your business decision-making.

An accurate financial assessment can highlight your most significant assets while uncovering any underlying risks and inefficiencies that may be impeding growth.

Our valuations are based on relevant market data and the latest valuation techniques to ensure an accurate and realizable value of any business. Our experienced team provides insightful analysis while incorporating a depth of understanding of your specific business and industry.

Our valuation professionals help prepare for:

However valuation results impact your business, LMHS can provide the accuracy and clarity to help you move forward with confidence.

We provide valuation services to organizations across many industries including, but not limited to:

Partner with LMHS P.C. for peace of mind.

Whether you are in urgent need of valuation services, or you wish to be prepared for the future, work with LMHS to accurately value your operations.  You’ll enjoy accurate financial reporting as well as meaningful and well-organized financial records, to make informed business decisions, optimize your business operations, and understand your company’s worth.

Inquire today about working with our valuation experts to meet an urgent need or be well equipped for what the future brings.

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LMHS P.C. is a member firm of the AICPA National Peer Review Program, having passed our most recent peer review in 2021, and a registered firm with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).